PRACTICE PAPER: BUILT TO (IM)PROVE Leveraging realtime M&E for adaptive youth employment programming

Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) is a crucial component of programme management, used to satisfy a range of information needs for donors, implementers, and the wider development community alike. These information needs typically fall within one of two categories: information used to ‘prove’ an intervention’s activities, impact, or model; or information used to ‘improve’ programming, through the supply of relevant data to inform decision-making during the programme lifecycle. While these two should ideally complement each other, donors’ and others’ demands for independent and objective proof have increasingly caused M&E systems to be structured around this objective, missing opportunities to gather and use data to improve programme impact during implementation.

This paper explores three areas where tweaks to M&E system structures could enhance scope for ‘improvement’: in tracking service delivery; in identifying and understanding outcomes; and in the scope of participation from the implementing team. The paper then presents the M&E system employed by Prospects’ Employment and Entrepreneurship Programme, which is heavily geared towards ‘improvement’ and adaptive management, and shares some learnings about challenges and successes.

Read the full paper here.

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