LEARNING PAPER: Real Talk with Liberia’s Youth & Employers

Tackling youth unemployment in Liberia involves addressing head-on some pretty big questions.

What does work mean to Liberia’s youth? What drives them to seek out employment? What are employers’ perceptions of Liberian youth?  What skills do they most value?

From June 2014 through May 2015, Mercy Corps conducted a series of market research projects with job-seeking youth and employers. The purpose of this undertaking was to contribute to the knowledge base on youth and for youth in Liberia; improve understanding on the nuances of youth as individuals – with unique wants, desires and aspirations – and as a demographic; and hone in on the systemic challenges and opportunities that exist to make a dent on this massive challenge.

This paper presents the findings from the cumulative research and outlines how Prospects is responding through its New Day Innovations for Youth Employment Grants Program.

The full paper is available here.



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